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The Timken Company and the College of Engineering, University of Akron contributed to the financing of the labs and the equipment housed in the Timken Engineered Surface Laboratory (TESL), where students and faculty will work alongside industry experts in surface engineering. The goal is to solve complex problems associated with friction, wear and corrosion, so that products perform better, are less vulnerable to environmental conditions, or expend less energy.


Solve complex friction, wear, and corrosion problems for government and industry through fundamental science and technological innovations in tribology, lubrication, surface engineering, and materials science.

The equipment, instrumentation and technology know-how that exist in these labs will be useful to companies looking to partner with The University of Akron in research and development through the recently established Center for Surface Engineering and Lubrication Research (CSELR). The concept of open innovation recognizes that many companies cannot alone bear the risk of investing in research. Working in partnership with a university reduces that risk. With an expertise in commercializing research and intellectual property law, The University of Akron can help companies develop new products and technologies and yet protect the proprietary nature of the process.

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